Wie weet wordt het wat

Eén van mijn 'Likes' op facebook is het blad 'Down  under Textiles'. zoals de titel al zegt een textielblad in Australië.
Op facebook werd een oproep gedaan om suggesties voor nieuwe inhoud op te sturen.
Ik heb de stoute schoenen aangetrokken en het volgende briefje in mijn 'Steencool'Engels gestuurd:

This mail is a reaction on your message on facebook for content for 'Down Under Textiles'.
My name is Mathilde Jongbloed and I am living in the Netherlands. My english is not perfect, so I hope you will understand me.
I am working on a project called 'Yilbird'. This is an international project although the reactions untill now only came from the Netherlands.
On my blogspot I have placed a pattern of a knitted bird.
The meaning of this project is; to collect photo's of this bird and all kinds of variation on this pattern.
 I would like that people  send to me a photo (digital) from there results and the story that goes with this bird: For whom did you make this bird, why did you use these colours and yarn, what would you like to express with this birds, where did you change the pattern and what did you wanted to achieve with that.With this project I hope to collect special examples and stories from all over the world.The results will be shown at: http://yilcreation.blogspot.com.
The pictures show my smallest bird (5 cm) and the big one (140 cm)An article in Textiles Down Under would give me the possibility to contact with people on the other side of the world
with friendly greetings
Mathilde Jongbloed 

Gisteren kreeg ik het volgende antwoord:

Hello Mathilde,
Thank you for sending me information about your textile bird project. I will put this and the photos in the magazine so that people can learn about your blog.
Is this ok with you?

Ik ben benieuwd wat hier uit gaat komen


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